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Stay connected to events at your facility

  • With occurrence notifications delivered in real-time via email or SMS
  • Using robust report forms that provide vivid documentation with pictures and diagrams
  • By reviewing automatic summary reports of all activities by day or shift

Ensure site coverage is adapted to your needs

  • Using interactive checkpoints for officer tours
  • Prompting officers to perform actions through report forms, location specific instructions and compliance checklists
  • Creating recurring weekly tour schedules

Flexibility meets power to manage your needs

  • Select the checkpoint option that best suits your needs: NFC, barcode or GPS
  • Capture incidents instantly and receive exception notifications via SMS or email

We increase officer accountability

  • With notifications for missed tours
  • By requiring officers to provide a reason for missed checkpoints
  • Keeping a work history including GPS tracks for every officer

Gain real-time visibility

  • With instant notifications for specific reports or all completed reports
  • By customizing notifications by report type, incident type or exception

Centralize your security data

  • By providing a secured portal to view your complete history of officer reports
  • Allowing you access to real-time and historical data for every activity performed at your site.

We provide the ability to communicate instantly with your officers

  • Keeping officers informed about policy or protocol changes
  • Providing officers access to information about events at your property
  • Sending officers pictures and information about suspicious activities on the property

We ensure every intervention is safe

  • With complete video documentation for potentially violent situations
  • By providing officers a powerful tool that serves as a deterrent for violent behavior
  • Arming you with documentation that is indisputable evidence of events

We ensure situations are escalated to the correct person efficiently

  • By connecting officers with your contacts in a single click
  • By providing officers access to a list of contacts for any situation the officer may encounter

We put safety first so you can rest easy

  • By providing officers with automated around-the-clock emergency support
  • With tools that increase officer safety while decreasing your liabilities
  • Using push button technology that signals distress in real-time

We continuously improve security with the right data

  • Creating business intelligence from incident report data
  • Providing measurable performance and month over month
  • Removing the barrier between you and your operational data

How Security Guard Companies in Cincinnati Can Help With the Spiking Crime Rates

Cincinnati, OH has seen crime rates over the last few years spike and violent crimes continue to rise despite the efforts of city leaders. The Cincinnati Police Department is a dedicated group of individuals that work hard to protect the citizens and businesses of Cincinnati, OH, but let’s face it, they can not do it alone. The city has made an effort to push crime out of the downtown Cincinnati, OH area, but this effort has left crime increasing in the neighborhoods and communities.

Choosing to hire a security guard company in Cincinnati, OH can be a difficult task, but Moonlight Security Inc. attempts to make that decision easier for you by removing the fluff and providing close personal relationships that make you feel comfortable in knowing that you have a friend on your side. Moonlight Security Inc believes in providing security guards that maintain a culture of community involvement and actively work hard to build relationships with neighborhoods and businesses they are hired to protect in Cincinnati, OH. Enforcement with a smile is a tradition that Moonlight Security Inc lives by.



Bret Michaels is Safe and Sound
Moonlight Security had a successful night securing J.D. Legends and Bret Michaels in Franklin, OH.

M.S.I. Remote Monitoring
Hard at work conducting some remote monitoring. M.S.I. Remote Monitoring can aid your business with eyes in any direction to keep your company safe from intruders and other security threats on a 24/7 basis. We can notify you immediately should any incident occur. Call Moonlight today for a free analysis of your company's security levels.