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Hey Columbus! We know you have a few options for Security Companies in Columbus Ohio. Here are 10 Reasons Moonlight Security should be your first choice.

Armed and unarmed security options

Our personnel go through extensive training for both armed security services and unarmed. Our clients have access to some of the most highly qualified armed personnel in the industry. 


Ex-police and highly trained personnel

As you know, police training is some of the most rigorous training with firearms and protection services there is. Many of our officers have police and military experience. This insures that Moonlight Security can provide the highest level of protection available.


High transparancy and security personnel tracking

With some of the most advanced tools in the industry, we know where are guard personal is at all times. This ensures that we are able to track and insure that our personnel are protecting your property when and where we said they would.  For more information about this technology check out this article: Technology Improving Moonlight Security Services


We know the neighborhood - Local company

We have been providing security services throughout Ohio for over 60 years. It's important to know that our officers are familiar with the neighborhoods in which they're placed. 


Strategic security service partners

We have strategic partnerships with remote surveillance companies to augment our security services.  That gives us the ability to monitor your property 24/7 and make sure your business is safe.


Recognized Leaders in Our Community

Moonlight Security has been awarded "Best of Dayton" for the quality of service we bring to the community. We have been awarded contracts by the city (which to us is the best award). Moonlight Security is recognized throughout our local communities.


Scalable options for larger companies

We are constantly hiring, training and growing! We have been awarded some of the biggest security contracts and the state because of our dedicated effort to continuous growth while making sure our personnel are highly trained and able to handle any situation. 


We have spannish speaking personnel

In some of the local communities, this has become an absolute necessity. Speaking the language of a perpetrator immediately improves a situation that might otherwise get out of control. Believe us, it comes in handy!


Fully Licensed and Insured

Maybe it goes without saying but we in no way wish to add to the liabilities you face as a business. We are fully licensed and insured. Putting our personnel on your property may even help you lower your own overall insurance costs.


Over 60 Years of Experience

Our security service is local! We know the people, the neighborhoods and the businesses in our communities. We are recognized at events and garner respect in the communities we service. It goes a long way and our clients choose us knowing that we have their back.

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