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Security in Dayton Ohio is an uphill battle. The statistics for Dayton crime rates do not speak well of our beloved city. Dayton has a property crime rate twice the national average. Some of the news reports suggest that drugs are a major catalyst for Dayton's high burglary rate. Headlines from WHIO Dayton TV report Dayton as number 1 in the country for drug overdoses! It is clear that drug use and crime rates go hand in hand. The chance of being a victim of property crime in Dayton is 1 in 20. Worse, there is no sign of those numbers diminishing. How are small business owners to deal with this?

While it's up to the law enforcement community to "protect and serve", it is clear that they are facing an uphill battle. The problem is not going to go away any time soon. Business owners clearly cannot rely on the local law enforcement to prevent burglaries and theft of property. Given the prevalence of crime in the community, local law enforcement is simply spread too thing. 
What can be done? That's where Moonlight Security comes in. The difference between law enforcement and security services is obvious. The police have to cover the entire community. On the other hand, Moonlight Security personnel are dedicated to protecting your business specifically. Just the visibility of security personal on the premise can be the deterrent you may need to protect your business. 
Moonlight Security offers a range of services depending upon your requirements. If the location and level of security demand it, we are fully prepared with highly qualified, armed security guards. Many of our employees, in fact, are ex-law enforcement. Even our vehicles look like police cars. Their mere presence on your property is enough of a deterrent in most situations. 

Security Service Assessment

If you're unsure what security services you might need, call us! We'll send one of our security service experts to your business and develop a complete risk assessment and security plan that is best suited for your business, your location and your budget.
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