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Soft Targets and the Role of Security Guard Companies in Cincinnati

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In 2015, we saw an influx of attacks on “soft targets” around our nation. Soft targets are by far the most vulnerable areas in the country and more specifically, Cincinnati, Ohio. Security Guard companies in Cincinnati, Ohio can play a major role in protecting these soft targets.

We have seen individuals that wish to do harm, focus on these soft targets for a few easy reasons. These targets are often where large groups of individuals will be with minimal or lacking security procedures or practices. They are easy areas to inflict a great deal of damage with fewer chances of being stopped. Often these targets are operating without armed security officers, unarmed security officers, metal detectors, security cameras or other security measures that could have potentially stopped the attack. In Cincinnati, Ohio there are many soft targets such as the Cincinnati Bengals Football facility, Paul Brown Stadium, the US Bank Arena, the Cincinnati Reds stadium, Great American Ball Park, Hotels, large skyscraper building, bridges and many others.  

Moonlight Security Inc. has been working with Cincinnati, OH organizations for over 20 years to provide security solutions that are thoroughly thought out and planned, so that these Cincinnati, Ohio companies can be prepared for these such attacks or other circumstances that could jeopardize the safety or security of their operations. Moonlight Security is the nation’s leader in providing highly qualified armed security officers, unarmed security officers, personal protection specialists, investigators, mobile patrol units, on site security guards, remote surveillance and all security needs that business may look to for their security solutions. Moonlight Security specializes in devising plans that work to prevent these horrible attacks we have seen as of late and they will not rest until your business or property is safe and sound.
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