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Technology Improving Moonlight Security Services

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Transparency is an important aspect of working with a reputable security company. We out looking for your best interest but how can you be sure?

Stay connected to events at your facility

  • With occurrence notifications delivered in real-time via email or SMS
  • Using robust report forms that provide vivid documentation with pictures and diagrams
  • By reviewing automatic summary reports of all activities by day or shift

Ensure site coverage is adapted to your needs

  • Using interactive checkpoints for officer tours
  • Prompting officers to perform actions through report forms, location specific instructions and compliance checklists
  • Creating recurring weekly tour schedules

Flexibility meets power to manage your needs

  • Select the checkpoint option that best suits your needs: NFC, barcode or GPS
  • Capture incidents instantly and receive exception notifications via SMS or email

We increase officer accountability

  • With notifications for missed tours
  • By requiring officers to provide a reason for missed checkpoints
  • Keeping a work history including GPS tracks for every officer

Gain real-time visibility

  • With instant notifications for specific reports or all completed reports
  • By customizing notifications by report type, incident type or exception

Centralize your security data

  • By providing a secured portal to view your complete history of officer reports
  • Allowing you access to real-time and historical data for every activity performed at your site.

We provide the ability to communicate instantly with your officers

  • Keeping officers informed about policy or protocol changes
  • Providing officers access to information about events at your property
  • Sending officers pictures and information about suspicious activities on the property

We ensure every intervention is safe

  • With complete video documentation for potentially violent situations
  • By providing officers a powerful tool that serves as a deterrent for violent behavior
  • Arming you with documentation that is indisputable evidence of events

We ensure situations are escalated to the correct person efficiently

  • By connecting officers with your contacts in a single click
  • By providing officers access to a list of contacts for any situation the officer may encounter

We put safety first so you can rest easy

  • By providing officers with automated around-the-clock emergency support
  • With tools that increase officer safety while decreasing your liabilities
  • Using push button technology that signals distress in real-time

We continuously improve security with the right data

  • Creating business intelligence from incident report data
  • Providing measurable performance and month over month
  • Removing the barrier between you and your operational data
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